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GoToAssist Remote Support v5 Agent Console

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  • The maximum length of the name for unattended devices is now limited to 255 characters.
  • Fixed a problem where session keys expired sooner than the expected one hour for paid accounts.
  • Fixed minor user interface issues.
  • Improved session starting flow for scenarios where the agent does not have Remote Control permission.
  • Fixed an issue where the Devices sidebar buttons were not visible on MacBook Pro 13" devices.
  • Fixed visual artifacts in Safari 14.
  • Fixed unattended connection stability issues.


Unattended Device Labels
Labels can be applied to unattended devices as custom attributes, so these devices can be searched for as an arbitrary group. This makes it possible to group and search for devices along any lines relevant for your operation.

For detailed information about this feature, see How to Use Labels for Easier Device Search.

Note: This feature is available in both the Agent Web Console and the Agent Desktop Console.
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‎01-15-2021 02:27 PM
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