June 2021 Product Update

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June 2021 Product Update

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This month we wanted to ensure that we were highlighting something for everyone. We completely understand that it can be tough to learn a new version of GoToAssist, and that change can be overwhelming. To help make the change as simple as possible, we're breaking down the standout features in v5 that we want to make sure you are aware of. Here are the top 5 things you’ve got to try in GoToAssist v5: 

1. The new guided agent flow. This is big, and if you haven’t checked out this new feature yet, you absolutely should! We’ve heard over the years that one of the most difficult parts of supporting clients remotely is the initial connection process. Your clients are not always tech-savvy, and sometimes walking them through downloading something is difficult and time consuming. The guided agent flow solves for this – allowing you to see exactly where your customer stands in the process, so you can guide them through the steps more easily.

 GAF gif.gif

2. Using the console of your choice. What’s really awesome about v5 is that we now have options. Some of our customers have been asking for a web-based console, and others love their desktop app. Now you have the option to use the new web console OR you can download the Agent Console if you prefer. Ultimately, it’s your call. To learn more about logging in to the v5 console, and to test the web versus the desktop console, start with this support article. 


3. Remote View. Did you know that you can start your remote session by simply viewing your end-users' machine, and do not need to take full control?  At any time during a chat-only support session, agents can elevate the session into a Remote View session to view the customer's device screen through a completely download-less experience. Many of our customers just need to see what’s happening and if that’s the case for you, we encourage you to check out remote view and how it works



4. Access your unattended devices more quickly. Connecting to your unattended devices is now faster and simpler than before! If you do not have any unattended devices set up, learn how to get started here. 




5. IOS access is now available for GoToAssist Remote Support Mobile customers. We are excited to expand our mobile capabilities to iOS! (You'll need a mobile add-on to leverage this feature, learn more about mobile here.)




Tip of the month:
Did you know that you can still upgrade to run as a system service in v5?  This allows you to bypass User Account Control in windows and elevate the session to have administrator permissions. In the image below, you'll see where you can check off the option to use Admin Mode ahead of your remote connection. Learn more about Admin Mode  here.


Admin Mode.png

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your feedback in the comments below! Questions? Contact support here.

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