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Support for Mac OS Catalina

LogMeIn Manager

What happened? Mac OS Catalina was released on October 7th.  Catalina only supports 64-bit software meaning that 32-bit versions will no longer work. GoToAssist Remote Support will introduce a beta release on October 9th (Build 4.7 for Mac and Windows); with 64-bit support for GTARS to be released early next week.


Who is impacted? GoToAssist Remote Support customers who upgrade to Catalina will not be able to run Unattended or Attended Sessions on Macs. Client computers that are upgraded to Catalina will not be able to join Attended or Unattended sessions.


Solution(s): If possible, GoToAssist Remote Support customers should delay upgrading to Mac OS Catalina and ask their clients to do the same. If it’s too late, there are two primary workarounds:



  • Leverage RescueAssist which offers 64-bit support already.


Please Note: If an Unattended Support Mac is upgraded to Catalina before GoToAssist Remote Support is updated, the Beta 4.7 version once it is released will need to be manually reinstalled as it will not automatically upgrade.   An alternative is installing the Unattended machine with the RescueAssist installer and use RescueAsisst instead. RescueAssist can also be used to manually install the Beta 4.7 version remotely once it is released. You will need to download the Unattended installer from your account in order to manually install Beta 4.7