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New Contributor

Unattended install as a service?


Just wondering if there is a way to install the unattended client as a service, and deny users the ability to stop/shutdown the service without a password/correct permissions ?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Unattended install as a service?

Hi @OrthoC,


Unattended Support installs and runs as a service, however, it is not possible to prevent the client from uninstalling the software. Can you provide some more details about how you are using GoToAssist and why this is needed?


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New Contributor

Re: Unattended install as a service?

I run a small company of ~40 users, however the entire company is currently WFH using their corporate computers that they have brought home. I regularly need to support this staff and gaining access is sometimes a pain. Some staff regularly shutdown this client, so it would be helpful to either password protect this process by an admin, as it would allow protection as needed.  It would also be a cheap backup should a piece of hardware is stolen/lost, and suddenly you see it online. You could gain remote control and for a deprovision of that device.