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V5 User Interface

Good day all,


Being an original beta tester for GotoAssist I have seen GotoAssist develop into a great product and my everyday go-to support tool. I always look forward for a new feature or upgrade. Truth be told from time to time I look at other solutions for money and features, but always end up at back at GotoAssist for its ease of and of course price point.

Coming to V5. I love the concept behind the functionally, where I don’t have to go to the web to move connections between groups. But for heaven’s sake can you have someone that uses the product in real life design your user-interface not some designer in a back room, this are my point of view once again from someone that uses and depends on the product every day. In my view I have two major issues;

  • The bar to the left is too wide let us not only minimize it but resize it. Remember the working area is more valuable than to see the backup section in detail.
  • Currently there are two tab, “Session” and “Download”, why not add a tab to list devices.
  • Connection is ever SLOW, from connecting to working once connected, there is a lag when scrolling, also at time when you click it take a sec or two to response
  • When you are on “Fit” view, you see the session on the center of the screen, why not redraw to the full side of the screen like version 4 did.
  • When opening folders or application on the remote session there is a fade effect (my machine is configure for performance).
  • Give a preference option to save the setting (e.g. side bars minimized from the start) we want and allow us to work more effectively like V4 did (Color quality, and performance setting).
  • Set the side bar to auto hide like v4.
  • Where did WoL go?

As I said this are the view from someone that use and depend on the product EVERY day and at times have 5 sessions at the same time.