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GoToAssist Desktop App - Broken Login Prompt

I'm on windows 10 x64 v1909


I was using it for most the day fine, then it stopped working. It would let me create new sessions, but on the 5th session it started acting like the support links were broken. No-one could join even though it said the sessions were open & I could create more sessions. I've experienced this before so I just rebooted and that usually fixes it. This time it didn't, and now it will launch to the system tray but when you open it to login, the page says "Can't reach this page", "make sure the web address" is correct. It will never let you login, I've even uninstalled it and reinstalled it. It will even open the app's login window when I try to login to the website in the browser & it will time out my browser page since it's forcing me through the broken app.



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GoTOAssist Mac Does not start Session - new issue today, stuck with Sign-In

I see no login window on the Mac version.  It is stuck and will not open a session or do anything upon launch.

I have been using it all day and now it does not work.  The gotoassist website was down for some time as well.


When will this be back up and running?


It wants me to sign in but there is no sign in window.  I have tried on multiple Macs and same issue on all fo them.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: GoToAssist Desktop App - Broken Login Prompt

Hi @Adw1 


A number of ISPs have been experiencing service issues today and it has affected our customers. We are monitoring the situation closely and doing what we can to reroute our traffic around the worst of it.


Please visit and subscribe to our Service Status Page for suture updates:

Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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