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New Contributor

Looks Like There is something wrong with your network connection.

I was using GoToAssist a few days ago and now whenever I open the software I get the error "Looks Like There is something wrong with your network connection." Even though I'm writing this on the same computer. Any ideas because it seems like there isn't a fix for this.



GoTo Manager

Hi @gallego6171, welcome to the community.

This typically means that the software is having trouble connecting to our servers.

  • Are you using GoToAssist Remote Support v4 or v5?
  • Are you using a Windows PC or a Mac?
  • Home or business network?

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Hey Glenn D

I'm using version 5.81 GoToAssist

I'm using a Windows 11 Professional Laptop

I'm using it in company's network.

It's also attached to a Domain.

I brought it home to see if maybe the company's network may have been blocking it for whatever reason. I went ahead and try to connect the GoToAssist software and the minute it opens I immediately get the same error.

The GoToAssist worked before without any issues then one day it just stopped working. The laptop is connected to the company network with a network cable. Also, my WIFI works and connects with the Business's WIFI without issue.

You can see the error below:


Thank you for your help!