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Require ability to filter and sort service desk tickets by any column or multiple columns in display

Our Organization has about 20 different services, 30 different "companies" and likely 200+ customers. When I am in my service desk queue view, I have the ticket No, "last updated by", "title", "service", 'due date', "customer name", "company name" columns displayed.  Now I know that I can filter out the display to just one service but sometimes I need to see all the tickets submitted by one "customer name" so that when I am speaking with that customer I can find all their tickets in short order and clear them all at once.  Sometimes, I'm at one of the company sites, so I need to be able to filter by company name, sort by customer name so that I'm not running back and forth around their building, or spending extraneous amounts of time scrolling up and down looking for each persons tickets.

Therefore, having the ability to filter and sort by any column displayed (or not displayed) would be immensely helpful to me.  Basically the same ability one has in an excel spreadsheet to filter and sort items to make it easier to find, complete tickets in the most efficient manner.