Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.409) Release Notes

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Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.409) Release Notes

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  • New "Auto update" option
  • Improvements to user messaging
  • ADC operability enhancements


What's New?


New "Auto Update" Option

  • IT Admins who use the Active Directory Connector to automate provisioning can now enable a new "Auto update" checkbox to allow the software to update automatically whenever a new version becomes available.  Once this option is enabled, click Save and the ADC will initiate new updates by stopping the service, upgrading to the latest version, then restarting the service automatically without requiring user action.  (ADC-86, -127)
  • Alternatively, if you choose not to enable automatic updates, you can manually update to the latest version of the ADC v2 (when a new version is available) by clicking the Update to <version number> in the bottom left corner of the application, or updating manually if that option is not available.   Learn more.


ADC Operability Enhancements

  • Various operability enhancements were made to the Active Directory Connector UI, including the following: (ADC-93)
    • New "Admin Center" hyperlink that leads to
    • New Delete icon Delete Icon DeleteIcon.png to remove each Active Directory group listed
    • The "Revert changes" button is now a hyperlink
    • The "Close" button has been removed
    • The "Service Status" now displays the date and time the ADC service was last synced on both the Stopped and Running statuses




Improvements to User Messaging

  • Various improvements were made to display detailed messaging to inform the user when further action is needed before they can proceed, including the following:
    • The user is informed that the Windows account they are using for the ADC is not enabled with the "Log on as a service" permission.  (ADC-112)
    • The user is prompted to select 1 or more directory groups before starting the service.  (ADC-157)
    • The user is informed that the LogMeIn account that they are attempting to use has been suspended (i.e., no products assigned).  (ADC-165)
    • The user is informed that they have entered invalid credentials when attempting to log in with their Windows or LogMeIn user account on the ADC with a blank username.  (ADC-170)
    • The user is informed that they must save or revert the changes they have made before starting the service. (ADC-179)
    • The user is informed that the LogMeIn account they are using does not have Organization Admin permissions, resulting in an "Insufficient permissions" error.  (ADC-214)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for the "Learn more about mapping" link on the ADC to lead to the Manage Custom Attributes support site article.  (ADC-166)
  • Fix for refreshing the access token prior to expiration date to improve stability.  Additionally, both the local and Windows Event logs no longer display information about expired tokens.  (ADC-175)
  • Change for displaying all exception messages in English for both local application and Windows Event logs.  Previously, these logs were localized based on the computer's selected language, which caused difficulties with log aggregation.  (ADC-101)


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‎09-10-2018 05:07 PM
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