Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.429) Release Notes

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Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.429) Release Notes

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  • Ability to preview changes before running a sync
  • Dropped support for Apigee API service


What's New?


Ability to Preview Changes Before Running a Sync

  • Admins will now see a new Preview button at the bottom of the Active Directory Connector v2 desktop app, which can be used to view all proposed changes that have been made to the Active Directory groups.  Once groups have been added or removed, click Preview to view a dialog outlining the proposed changes, then click Save to accept the changes or Close to reject them and return to the ADC.  If you click Save, you will additionally be prompted to click Yes or No to start the ADC service; if you click No, your changes will remain saved, but you will return to the ADC and must start the service manually to sync the changes.  Learn more about configuring the ADC.  (ADC-176)




Dropped Support for Apigee API Service

  • The latest version of the Active Directory Connector v2 no longer uses the Apigee service to make API calls, and instead manages these calls directly via OAuth and SCIM services.  (ADC-256)
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