GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 (v1) Agent Web App Release Notes

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GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 (v1) Agent Web App Release Notes

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  • Debut of the new GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 Agent Web App


What's New?

Debut of the New GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 Agent Web App

  • GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 is a new spin on GoToAssist Seeit that enables companies to enrich their support capabilities more easily than ever, and features a fully web-based interface (no download needed!). GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 will initially include a limited feature set in comparison to the original GoToAssist Seeit product, and new features will be added on incrementally.  Learn more.
  • To try it out, agents can log in to a brand-new Agent Web App at with their existing GoToAssist Seeit credentials. Agents can invite their customers to join a Seeit 2.0 session using a brand new Customer Web App at from their desktop or (brand new feature!) via their mobile web browser – no app download required!  For  more information, please see our GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 (v1) Customer Web App Release Notes, or visit our GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 FAQs.
    • Note:  The Pin/Support Key generated by the 2.0 Agent Web App can only be used to join a 2.0 session via the new Customer Web App. This means that customers cannot join a 2.0 session using a Pin/Support Key generated from the original GoToAssist Seeit product.  Additionally, joining from existing GoToAssist Seeit mobile apps is not supported stay tuned for a future release!  Start_Session.png


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