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GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS (v7.0) - Mobile Apps

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  • New ability to join GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 sessions


What's New?

New Ability to Join GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 Sessions

  • In addition to allowing customers to join a GoToAssist Seeit session, the GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS now supports the ability for customers to also join a GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 session.  To do so, customers can launch the app and enter the 6-digit Pin provided by an agent who created the session using the GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 Agent Web App at  Customers can also continue to use the app to join a session using a 9-digit Support Key generated from our original GoToAssist Seeit product.  (RSC-58409, -58410)
  • Additionally, customers can use the brand new Customer Web App in their mobile web browser at to join a GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 session – no app download required!
    • Note:  The Customer Web App only supports a Pin/Support Key generated by the 2.0 Agent Web App. This means that customers cannot use the Customer Web App to join a session using a Pin/Support Key generated from the original GoToAssist Seeit product.
  • Please note the following differences in mobile device versions and session requirements:
Product/Session Mobile app requirements Mobile web browser (Customer Web App) requirements

GoToAssist Seeit 2.0 Session

(Created at

  • Using the latest app version only (v7.0)
  • Running iOS 8 or later
  • Using Safari only
  • Running iOS 11 or later

GoToAssist Seeit Session

(Created at or via the GoToAssist Seeit Agent App for iOS)

  • Using any supported version of the app (latest app version 7.0 recommended)
  • Running iOS 8 or later

Not supported

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