GoToAssist Service Desk (v154.0) Web App

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GoToAssist Service Desk (v154.0) Web App

LogMeIn Contributor


  • Fix for generating reports containing spaces in the "keyword" field
  • Additional changes and minor improvements

Bug Fixes

Fix for Generating Reports Containing Spaces in the "Keyword" Field

  • A fix was implemented to allow an agent to generate reports for incidents, problems, changes, releases, and/or knowledge articles even when the "keyword" field contains a space in the prefix or suffix.  Previously, an "Error: 500" message would display when an agent clicked Run Report or Save Report.  (GTASD-1337) 

Additional changes and minor improvements:

  • All in-app support links (including support site articles, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Contact Support, etc.) containing our previous company domain have now been migrated to reflect these resources within the LogMeIn, Inc. domain.  (GTASD-1364)