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GoToAssist Service Desk (v155.0.3) Web App

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  • Automatic removal of all personal identification information for a deleted user/customer
  • Fix for CSV account export formatting


What's New?

Automatic Removal of All Personal Identification Information for a Deleted User/Customer

  • In compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies, all personal identification information (PII) associated with a deleted user or customer is automatically removed from our system.  Once deleted, the user or customer's first name, last name, and email address will be displayed as blank values (i.e., "[deleted] [deleted]").  Previously, when a user or customer was deleted by an admin, their name and email address remained in our system and was still displayed on all associated activities. (GTASD-1408)
    • Note:  The record data for Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases, Knowledge, and Configuration Items that is associated with the deleted user/customer is still available for access by the account admin or any service users.
  • The following activities will now display the user or customer as blank values:
    • Assigned User - (Assigned, Reassigned)
    • Customer - (Added, Removed)
    • Test User 
    • Task Assigned User
    • Watchlist
    • Approved By
    • Declined By
    • Comment

Deleted User DeletedUser.png



Deleted Customer DeletedCustomer.png


  • Additionally, admins now have the ability to remove all external email activity from an incident's activity log for users that have been added to the external watchlist.  In doing so, this will remove both the notification details (e.g., external watchlist user's email address) from both the notification and incident audit logs. (GTASD-1407)
  • To remove external email activity, admins can do the following:
    1. Log in to
    2. Locate your desired incident that contains notified external watchlist users. LocateWatchlistUsers.png
    3.  In the "Activity" section in the right navigation, click Remove External Email Activity


    4.  On the next window, search for the email address of the external watchlist user. 

    5. Once located, check the box next to the email address, then click Remove.
    6. A warning message will appear.  Click Remove to confirm.  



Bug Fix


Fix for CSV Account Export Formatting

  • A fix was implemented to remove repeating header rows that displayed after every row of incident data in the CSV file when an account was exported.  (GTASD-1439)