GoToAssist Service Desk (v157.0) - Web App

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GoToAssist Service Desk (v157.0) - Web App

LogMeIn Contributor


  • Debut of new Prompt widget
  • New "View Token" button to display API token
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

What's New?


Debut of New Prompt Widget

  • Agents that log in to their Service Desk account will now see a new widget displayed in the lower-right navigation that they can click on to display a "Conversations with Service Desk" window.  At this time, the window will not contain any information, but will display news about upcoming changes in a future release.  Stay tuned!  (GTASD-1464)Widget.png


New "View Token" Button to display API Token

  • As a security improvement, technicians will now see a new "View Token" button displayed that they can click on to view their API token when they navigate to the following locations:
    • Configure > My Service Desk Settings > My API Token
    • Configure > Account-Wide Settings > API Token
  • Previously, the API token was displayed as hard-coded plain text within the Web App on the individual page as well as the page source in both locations.  With this new button implemented, the technician is now required to click View Token in order to view their API token.  Learn more about how to use the API token for Service Desk.  (GTASD-1460)



Bug Fixes


  • Fix for successfully saving all custom field entries after saving changes to individual custom fields, then saving again after either adding new custom fields and/or re-positioning their order.  For example, previously when a technician saved changes to Custom Field A, then saved changes to Custom Field B, then either created a new Custom Field C and saved changes and/or moved Custom Field A below Custom Field B and saved all changes, the changes made to Custom Field A were lost.  With this fix implemented, all changes will remain saved, even after the custom fields have been re-ordered.  (GTASD-1452)
  • Fix for excluding the self-identified service record from the search results when linking incidents, problems, and/or changes and searching with an empty value in the search field.  For example, previously when a technician opened Incident #119, then attempted to search for other linked incidents but did not enter a value in the search, the search results would display Incident #119, and attempting to link the incident to itself would result in an unresponsive window state.  With this fix implemented, Incident #119 is no longer displayed in the linked search results.  (GTASD-1336)