Login Service (v1.22.4) and Profile Management Portal Service (v1.5.0) Release Notes

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Login Service (v1.22.4) and Profile Management Portal Service (v1.5.0) Release Notes

LogMeIn Contributor


  • Ability to enforce the use of Enterprise Sign-In (SSO)
    • User login experience
    • User account restrictions


What's New?


Ability to Enforce the Use of Enterprise Sign-In (SSO)

  • IT admins can now enforce the use of Enterprise Sign-In (SSO) as the only available login option when their users log in to their LogMeIn product accounts.  This allows these admins to prevent users from logging in with their social accounts, as well as setting up a secondary email address for password recovery.  Previously, Enterprise Sign-In was an optional method of logging in, but users could still sign in using their own login credentials.
  • To enforce Enterprise Sign-In for all users on an account, IT admins can contact Customer Care or their assigned Customer Success Manager/Customer Relationship Manager.TakeYouToCompanySignIn.png

User Login Experience

  • Users whose accounts are only enabled to log in with Enterprise Sign-In can log in on their LogMeIn product account website or My Account at https://myaccount.logmeininc.com and will be automatically redirected to their company's sign-in page.  Once there, they can log in with their validated company credentials, then they will be redirected to their LogMeIn product account or My Account page.  Alternatively, these users can click Company ID in their LogMeIn product's sign-in screen to enter their company email address, then click Continue to be redirected to their company's sign-in page.  Learn how to log in via Enterprise Sign-In.
  • If these users access their LogMeIn product or My Account sign in screen and attempt to reset their account password, they will be informed that their email address is tied to a company, and can click Continue to be redirected to their company's sign-in page to continue the password recovery process.





User Account Restrictions

  • Enterprise Sign-In enforced account users will be limited in their ability to make account changes from the Sign In & Security page when they log in to My Account at https://myaccount.logmeininc.com.  These users will be unable to configure the following settings because they are only able to sign in using their company credentials:
    • The Primary email address domain
    • The Recovery email address
    • The account Password
    • Connecting Social Accounts

Sign In & Security on an Enterprise Sign-In only user accountSSO_OnlySignInSecurity.png


Sign In & Security on a standard user account