Allow attendees to start the meeting

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Allow attendees to start the meeting

Allow attendees to start the meeting

Shouldn't there be a key or a meeting password so anyone who you pass on that information should be able to start a meeting. We use Goto meetings for centralized meeting and the original host doesn't have to be present, but this limitation of goto meeting gets us in trouble if the host calls in sick or is unable to make it to the meeting. I think it is a big limitation as we are calling people at home on vacations to start the meetings. Sending a new meeting invite creates confusion if your audience is larger that's why we avoid doing that.

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An option to start the meeting at the scheduled time even if the presenter is not signed in.

Not by default or for all meetings. only if the presenter chooses to do so while scheduling the meeting.

Could be advantageous for regular team meets and other informal meets.

The attendees could have a conversation with each other while waiting for the organizer to start the meeting.

If the organizer is having any technical difficulties or couldn't start the meeting in time, other parties need not wait.


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Hi @kogul

We are hopeful that a feature to allow Attendees to start meetings will be finalized in the near future.  Thanks for your patience. 

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I would suggest making people co-organizers. You can have as many as you want and they have all the same functionality as the creator of the meeting, including being able to start it.  You don't need a code or anything. 

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Today, the only way to allow anyone else to start a scheduled meeting that they're invited to is by the organizer enabling this feature on that specific meeting. Our organization regularly uses this software, and it is not operationally viable to manually check that on each meeting. We desperately need the ability to allow anyone invited to the meeting to start it by default. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

This feature is now available for Business Tier plans and above! Read all about it here