Allow customization of the default invitation text

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Allow customization of the default invitation text

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Allow customization of the default invitation text

I regularly create GoToMeeting sessions and pop the details intothe bottom of a calendar invite so both the link and the dial details are clear to see from there.

Every time I copy the text out I format it to strip out most of the text that's there. All I ever really want is:
 Canada: +1... [rest of number]
 United Kingdom: +44... [rest of number]
 United States: +1... [rest of number]

 Access Code: [code / meeting ID here]

It is quite frustrating removing the unnecessary lines every time to keep the info to the stuff my attendees actually need, I would dearly love to be able to pick a format for default clipboard copy that makes this easier! I know many of my colleagues do the same thing.

I have previously provided feedback about this, but since then you've changed the default text that gets copied and it is longer and more frustrating to format now.

It's a shame as your software is still the best way for me to screenshare and demo to colleagues & clients, so I end up doing this quite a lot! 🙂 The screen share quality vs Google Hangouts is generally much better.


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We had a customer complain that the dial in phone number was not toll free. It doesn't say toll free or long distance.


Is there anyway to edit the default email template for all 200 users  to state something like "You could incur long distance charges if you use the dial in option instead of VOIP"?


When I called goto support they said each user starting a session will have to add this text each time they send out an email invite to start a meeting.

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Hi @hrsste ,

There is no way to customize the email templates yet, but it is being considered as a future enhancement for GoToMeeting.

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Is there a way to customize the format of the meeting information?  It is too long and want to remove all the blank lines.  

GoTo Manager

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the Community!

I'm afraid we don't have the ability yet to customize the GoToMeeting invitation templates, and we are considering it as a future enhancement idea.

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THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION.  I agree, as a company, we need to have a different default invite.  Teaching every employee delete and replace is NOT an a good option.  The invite advertizes using any device.  No.  Computer mics cause an echo.  And we ask people to connect first, get the code, then enter as they dial in.  Whatever the reason, we need to structure the invite for our use.

Rick Baamonde
New Contributor

Agree completely. This needs to be fixed. For example, my demos require too much reading of text to be done on a smartphone and sometimes in a rush we send this out, someone shows up on a phone and can't see anything.  I really want to set this and forget this.

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Wow - this was marked as "Solved".


Definitely need this.  There are some basic issues our customers have logging in and things that are particular to our customer base we need to include in each meeting.


If this is ever going to get done - a macro or ability to insert things like meeting ID, would be critical.


Several years on this item sitting as an "idea", would love to see it.

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