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Audio quality indicator

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Audio quality indicator

Hi team,

Please don't ignore this feature it will be very helpful for everyone.

Feature: Individual user should be able to see that his voice is reaching to team member with sign of Green, red or yellow indicator so that he doesn't need to ask participant that he/she is audible or not.

Scenario1: If user voice is clearly audible to other participants then it should show green indicator or some green sign to that individual person.

Scenario2: If user voice is breaking in between then he should see the Audio indicator in Yellow.

Scenario3: Incase user audio is not reaching to participate it should show red indicator.

Technical Logic: When user talks the voice goes to other participants so same voice we can get back and depends upon that audio quality we can show these indicators to user.

If you would like to go in detail about this feature you can reach out to me on below email.

Pawankumar Bhutekar
Senior Software Tester
(removed for privacy GlennD)

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Status update: This feature is not currently planned to be included in our roadmap for this year. We will continue to keep the Idea open for comments and kudos. Your suggestions and support are highly appreciated, and we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

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Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator