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I use GoToMeeting daily, and I see the same two pop-ups in every single meeting.


One is the "You are muted; click here to start the meeting unmuted". The other happens when you are muted and make a sound; it reminds you that you are muted and gives you the option not to remind you again.


After using this software for 2 years, they are just annoying noise. I'm fully aware that I start meetings muted and when my microphone is muted, and I don't need the constant reminders. Starting the meeting muted is an explicit choice in the preferences, so it shouldn't trigger a reminder.


version 8.47.2 Build 14316

GoTo Moderator

Hi @afoster,

While I have alerted the product team about this annoyance, I have not received an ETA for potential fixes.  As soon as I hear more details I will update this thread.


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I am also interested in this "feature" ("fix" rather). My attendees are complaining about these notifications.

10.1.2 Build 15251
Same issue -- "You're muted" Notifications appear with Preference "Usage tips" switched off.

Why did they remove the "Don't remind me again" button? Seems short-sighted.
GoTo Moderator

Hey folks,

We plan to introduce a 'Do not show again' option in a future release of GoToMeeting.  Thanks for your patience while we finalize this addition.

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When you say a "do not show again" option - would that be for the current session only, or permanently? I would love to see the latter, because not showing it again in the current session doesn't address the original problem.

GoTo Moderator

It will be a permanent setting once released.




Wish to know if there is any way to stop the reminders that keep nagging that the mic is muted.




I attend study sessions and most of the time we have to stay muted so that we can listen to the teacher. But the reminders about mic being muted keep disturbing. Earlier, there was an option that would show below the reminder "Do not remind me". But now that option has disappeared in thin air.


If the nagging was like once in 30 minutes or so, can understand. However, the nags are showing up every 5 minutes. It is really disturbing, can't concentrate on my sessions. Please stop these 'mute reminder' nags.


Thank you!

GoTo Moderator

Hi Andy,

We are aware of the annoyance there, and have filed with the team to improve this experience.  Thanks for your patience while we work on the fix.

GoTo Moderator

I apologize for the dirsuption there, Andy. This is something we are currently working to improve upon, in furute GoToMeeting updates.

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When you mention it is being worked on, is there any ETA? A version or two back, I do remember seeing the option to not be reminded again, but I no longer see that in the bubble. Would love to have it back and for a permanent option.

GoTo Manager

Thank you for the feedback @Andyk1op, we will share it with the team.