Manage waiting attendees through meeting lock functionality

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Manage waiting attendees through meeting lock functionality

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Manage waiting attendees through meeting lock functionality

Is it possible to monitor a list of people in the waiting room of a locked meeting and admit them individually? Or can those in the waiting room be admitted to a meeting only "in bulk"?

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I am using the new GoToMeeting Interface and LOVING it. It's so much simpler and easier to use.
However I am facing one problem.


I use the same Meeting room for most of my one-on-one meetings.
And I often lock the meeting when I am talking to one person to give us privacy (so another person doesn't join).

Earlier I was getting alerts when someone was in the waiting room (due to meeting being locked).
But now, that seems to have stopped 😞
I am no longer getting alerts that "Someone is in waiting..."

While I have your would be awesome if the alert message could mention the name of the person.
E.g. "John is waiting to join the meeting. Your meeting is currently locked, unlock it to let John in".

Thanks / Avi

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Avi,

Thanks for bringing this up, as the feature does not work as it had previously.  I'll try to get more info on if/when we'll be bringing back this functionality and update the thread here.

GoTo Manager

Hi @Pete_Spotts 


Currently, you see a notification like this:


meeting lock.png


It does not tell you who is waiting to join the meeting, but we plan to add that in a future update. When you unlock the meeting everyone in the waiting room will join together.


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that waiting list is also something that we are waiting for. earlier this week people were able to join and spam the meeting...

we did a test today with the unlock-lock and could not see that someone was waiting to participate.

The person in question could see that he is in the waiting area, but the organiser could not see that someone wanted to enter...


This is also something that is key to our organisation and our ability for our Board to use GoToMeetings.  Currently they are not willing to use GoToMeetings because of this lack of functionality.  Do you have any expected timelines for this update?

Retired GoTo Contributor

@AdamRiley  Sorry, I don't have any ETA yet for this functionality.

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Hi is there an update on this feature. I'm looking to host a meeting but want to screen people in the waiting room before they enter the meeting.

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Hi @michelle20 ,

Although there are no updates from the product team yet, in my experience the locking feature works well unless you are extensively locking / unlocking the meeting room, where it has been known to fail sporadically when used too much.

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It would be good to have the option to admit one person at at time, mainly for the start of a meeting so that you can admit the presenters so they can get their presentations ready before the rest would join in bulk. 

Nick Critelli
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I've been a GTM/GTW user for 14 years. Now,  when we need it the most,  we can't use  GTM for court hearings, mediations, depositions,  etc. because it lacks the feature to (a) know who is in the waiting room, (b) admit them individually, and then (c) send them back to the waiting room while we conduct further proceedings.   Zoom and Microsoft Teams have this feature.  You are forcing us to use your competitors. Get this fixed!