Manage waiting attendees through meeting lock functionality

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Manage waiting attendees through meeting lock functionality

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Manage waiting attendees through meeting lock functionality

Is it possible to monitor a list of people in the waiting room of a locked meeting and admit them individually? Or can those in the waiting room be admitted to a meeting only "in bulk"?

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Here you have another potential customer not using your service because the lack of this feature 🙂

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We really need the ability to allow individuals into a meeting as well.  This has caused us much pain when the wrong people get into a meeting.

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 I would like to request/suggest the GoToMeeting to have an option in the waiting room to admit the participants one by one. We are using 13 no's of GoToMeeting Business Plan licenses to conduct the online classes for more than a year. Because at present, once the meeting is locked all participants will be in the waiting room, if we want to admit even one participant, we have unlocked the meeting where all others are also automatically getting in the meeting room which is creating a lot of problems. 
This is a basic feature available in all other platforms such as Cisco, Zoom, etc. Please look into this and do the needful at the earliest. 
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@Krishnakumar  Great idea!  


I'll move this one over to the 'Ideas' section for later review.