Request to introduce presenter-only recording feature

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Request to introduce presenter-only recording feature

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Request to introduce presenter-only recording feature



Long-time GoToMeeting user here.   I'd like to propose an enhancement to enable recording only the presenter’s webcam and screen.  This functionality would provide hosts with precise control over the meeting recordings, ensuring that only relevant content is captured, which is essential for creating clean, focused, and professional meeting records.  By capturing only relevant material, recordings become more effective as educational tools and for professional reference, adhering to the best practices in content retention and user privacy. 


The current "Who's Talking" feature in GoToMeeting, although useful, does not provide sufficient control for recording sessions effectively.  This feature automatically switches the focus to whoever is speaking at the moment.  While this might seem advantageous for capturing active participation, it often results in recordings that are fragmented and include unnecessary interruptions or background noise from other participants.  This can detract from the main presentation, making the recordings less useful for later review or distribution, especially in a professional or educational context where clarity and focus are valued.  Implementing a feature to record only the presenter’s webcam and screen would ensure the recordings remain streamlined and directly relevant to the subject matter discussed, without the disruptions caused by the shifting focus of the "Who's Talking" setting.


Implementing this feature would not only meet the evolving needs of your diverse user base but also strengthen GoToMeeting's position as a leader in communication solutions.


Thanks for your consideration.