Schedule individual meetings with specific languages.

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Schedule individual meetings with specific languages.

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Schedule individual meetings with specific languages.

Dear Sirs,

I have already contacted global support 24/7 twice on this problem, which is indeed not solved by the support link in the e-mail (which I have now received from you for the third time).

There is need to select the language individually for a specific meeting during the scheduling procedure. It is not acceptable to run the entire application an change the general language before scheduling a meeting each time a specific meeting needs to be scheduled an planned in a different than the general set language. In addition a second switch back of the general language would be required. This procedure prevents an efficient use of the existing language features of GotoMeeting!

As your application GotoMeeting is aiming at easiness of international communication I urge you to implement a meeting specific language selection in the "schedule a meeting" procedure, which impacts the invitation text language produced during the same procedure.

Please provide us your answer, which will be very relevant for the use of the GotoMeeting software in our institute! I expect this issue finally beeing adressed by an appropriate software update.

Best regards

Johannes Ruppert, ECRA


GoTo Moderator

@Fl0rian  I have tested this workaround in several languages today,

  1. Open the GoToMeeting control panel (host the scheduled session).
  2. Change the Language through theGoToMeeting drop-down menu. 
  3. Click Invite on the Attendee pane.
  4. Click Email on the pop-up.

I realize it isn't the full feature yet, but it should help in your situation.

Active Contributor

@AshCThank you for the input. This is a work around but in a way not practical at all. I know the intention here is to find a proper work around and I appreciate that. But this is not a way I can forward my user to do everytime. There I think the better way is to change the display language from Outlook to Englisch to have it more conveniant for the user.