Set meeting password through API

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Set meeting password through API

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Set meeting password through API



This is my first question on the forum.  I am planning to use Go To Meeting with an application API.

So far, as my understanding, I cannot create a meeting password when I create a meeting.  I can only set that the password is required, and the password needs to be created by the organizer when they start the meeting.


Also, I only see the same option with the API.  I would like to generate a random password and have it included when I create the meeting.  Is this possible in any way either by the web-interface or API? I would then like my application include the password in the meeting information for all the users.  Is this possible?

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Hi @rippledj ,

Welcome to the LMI Community!


A GoToMeeting reference doc for API calls can be found here:


While you can create a GoToMeeting password when you schedule a meeting locally (not when you start the meeting), there's no way to do this through our APIs.  The password must also be created by the event organizer, as GoToMeeting does not have the ability to create these for users itself.