The ability to disable chat logs for organizers

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The ability to disable chat logs for organizers

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The ability to disable chat logs for organizers

Hello LogMeIn team,

Letícia's client,

We asked for the following improvement in GotoMeeting.

She would like them to include a function to disable chat logs in general.

We saw that it is possible to manually disable computer to computer as shown in the image below:



However, this action becomes unfeasible for them to be executing on the organizers' machine and also for the participants, do you understand?

Disabling chat is also not a viable option for them as they need this feature, they just do not want the content chatted during the meeting to be saved on the machine of customers and organizers

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Hi Gregor,

I'm sorry this type of administrative control is not yet possible with GoToMeeting command options.

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This is something that multiple users at my company want, as they hate the chat logs.  Yes, the logs are small files, and are easily cleared out, but it's a nuisance and there really should be an option to disable chat logging.


Please introduce this feature to GoTo.

GoTo Manager

Hi @shori, all GoToMeeting Organizers already have the ability to disable chat logs in their settings. If they are using the new GoTo App experience, after starting a meeting they need to go to the Chat and then click on the 3 dots to disable saving the chat log. It will be remembered for all of their future meetings.





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