We would like to organize / categorize recurring meetings

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We would like to organize / categorize recurring meetings

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We would like to organize / categorize recurring meetings

We have numerous recurring meetings set up with clients. We would like to be able to create folders or somehow organize them so we don't have to scroll through 30 (or more) scheduled meetings to find the one we want to start.

Kit Keller
New Member

When I first started using this product, I had a meeting id for each different meeting. That became uber confusing when the same person received calendar notices to attend different meetings (like a Board member who attends both Board and Exec Comm meetings, or worse yet, I'd get confused and enter the wrong meeting id in an agenda-ugh!).

I just winnowed my recurring meeting list down to 7. Even though the list is way shorter, I would like to see them listed in alphabetical order to make it easier for me - at a quick glance - to select my meeting and invite attendees. Thank you!

Colleen LaClair
New Member
I agree this would be a very useful feature. I have several customers whom I regularly need to support. Right now I have ~33 meetings set up in my My Meetings list and it is a pain to try and remember which ones are already set up. I have set up duplicates before. This will only get worse. If they were in alphabetical order I could find them faster and won't have duplicates which can also cause me to start the wrong meeting.