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New Contributor

10.15.0 Build 19228

Is this a valid update? The version I just installed from your website was 10.14. My antivirus blocked this version 15. I need to know if this is a valid update.
Product Name: GoToMeeting
Description: GoToMeeting
Version: 10.15.0 Build 19228
Company Name: LogMeIn, Inc.
Copyright: Copyright © 2020 LogMeIn, Inc.
File Size: 46.5 MB

Signed: True
Signature Status: Valid
Issuer: DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA
Publisher: LogMeIn, Inc.
Subject: LogMeIn, Inc.
Timestamp: 12/15/2020 6:26:00 PM
Thumbprint: 70 02 49 EA AE B1 99 56 D0 4C 89 48 85 49 A6 58 7D 1A 8C 81
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: 10.15.0 Build 19228

Hi Benjamin,

10.15 is starting to roll out to certain customers, though I don't believe it has been assigned to many accounts yet.  It is safe to install and use.