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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Changing Primary email

@ihdigital  Sorry for that!  If you are still unable to receive the email, please click on my Community name in order to privately message me the current login email address.  I can see if the email was returned or blocked somehow.

New Contributor

Re: Added security question: Is it really you?

This is affecting us as well.  Worked fine for us until LogMeIn recently took over Goto Meeting.

Our users don't have access to the few generic email accounts that we use for allowing our users to setup and hold Goto Meetings.  With this new email verification on "unknown" locations, our users can no longer use Goto Meeting.

I spoke with a LogMeIn rep, and he has provided a link to an article that may allow us to "whitelist" the IPs that our users are detected as connecting from.  Haven't checked it out yet.  If that is even possible, that still will not cover users that are not actually in one of our offices.


So, is LogMeIn asking us to create individual Goto Meeting accounts for all of our users?

That's not going to happen.

Looks like if a user wants to setup a meeting, they will have to conact us so we can then create an account for them?

Looks like this program just got a little less user-friendly.

Anybody have other solutions and/or vendors to use?