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Re: Changing Primary email

@ihdigital  Sorry for that!  If you are still unable to receive the email, please click on my Community name in order to privately message me the current login email address.  I can see if the email was returned or blocked somehow.

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Re: Added security question: Is it really you?

This is affecting us as well.  Worked fine for us until LogMeIn recently took over Goto Meeting.

Our users don't have access to the few generic email accounts that we use for allowing our users to setup and hold Goto Meetings.  With this new email verification on "unknown" locations, our users can no longer use Goto Meeting.

I spoke with a LogMeIn rep, and he has provided a link to an article that may allow us to "whitelist" the IPs that our users are detected as connecting from.  Haven't checked it out yet.  If that is even possible, that still will not cover users that are not actually in one of our offices.


So, is LogMeIn asking us to create individual Goto Meeting accounts for all of our users?

That's not going to happen.

Looks like if a user wants to setup a meeting, they will have to conact us so we can then create an account for them?

Looks like this program just got a little less user-friendly.

Anybody have other solutions and/or vendors to use?


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Re: Added security question: Is it really you?

I went throught his forum after we started getting RBA challenges and contacted support to see our options as this has become an issue for our users. I don't know if you can review cases but here is the most recent case number 09250040.

Based on info you have provided here I request that, at a minimum, please whitelist our external IP address so we do not get challenges from internal users at our office location. I also asked support to verify how long before the email verification codes expires as it is not noted in the email (that would be useful). I was told 15 minutes.

Below is the response from support after I requested escalation. Can we or can we not whitelist a location's IP? We have a single, external facing IP for our office of 60+ employees.

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Re: Added security question: Is it really you?

Here is email I got from Support yesterday in response to my questions.  I had to ask for escalation after two calls to Support and was handed off to a Supervisor after an hour long call.


Thank you for contacting LogMeIn Customer Support today. As I promised, I'm writing back after consulting with our development team.

1. At the moment, our best recommendation for the codes themselves would be either a distribution list, or a shared mailbox. I understand that this may not be an ideal solution for an account with several dozen users. We always recommend accounts to be set up with a real inbox, and that their user(s) have direct acceess to it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may pose.
2. There isn't a single element that identifies a device as unique. Instead, multiple elements are reviewed at login time, including but not limited to:
-IP address
-Browser type and version
-Physical location
Operating system

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don't have an option to whitelist a specific IP address to cover all login attempts coming from it.

3. I got confirmation that the codes are valid for 15 minutes. I'm sorry that there's no visibility over this in the email nor the code prompt.

I realize that the way RBA works at this moment is not ideal for your set up - there's always room for improvement. My suggestion in this case is for you, as a customer, to submit your feedback directly to our developers so they can be aware of this situation.

You can do so in our Community website, which our developers constantly review and respond to. You may also be able to get a roadmap of any upcoming updates or features in the RBA system once you post there.

Thanks for understanding - please let me know if you require further assistance. We are here to help!

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Re: Added security question: Is it really you?

@GRTech  I am sorry for the frustrations.


We can whitelist 'devices'--but not IPs, just to be clear.  RBA factors are complex, and include the use of different devices, different account logins, different physical locations or IP address', frequency of login attempts etc. 


If you are sharing an account login, then what you're describing could be related to the RBA functionality, and is expected -- which cannot be altered or disabled.  If there are any updates to this security functionalty we can certainly notify the Community with new information.