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Adding another product to an existing account



we are a small company in Germany and have already one GoToWebinar Licence / Seat. We now need an additional GoToMeeting Licence / Seat. In the Admin area is only the product "GoToWebinar".  "Add Licences" is  only usable to add more seats to GoToWebinar.


How can I add the Product "GoToMeeting"? I already called the Support and wrote an email, but there is no respond.


Maybe I just have to order the product from the website... but in this case my question is which account should order the product to add the product in our Admin Area? The Admin himself or the Billing Administrator?


As always it is very urgent because we need the additional product until friday.


Sorry for my bad englisch and i look forward for your help.

New Contributor

Re: Adding another product to an existing account

Is there nobody in the community who has more than one product in use?