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New Contributor

Best Practices For Avoiding Attendee "Overtalk"

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for best ways to manage GTM attendees talking over one another (besides mutee). Example, 10 people are attending a meeting. Caller 1 asks a question and Caller 2 and Caller 3 begin to respond at the same time. This typically results in an exchange of, "Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead." "No, you go ahead." "Thanks!"


While it would be nice if the application could auto detect audio input and auto-mute others while that audio is on, I either don't know how to use that feature or it doesn't exist. 


Any ideas?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Best Practices For Avoiding Attendee "Overtalk"

Hi Amy,

If you don't want to manage the muting controls of your audience, one other idea I utilize is to require the use of webcams. This can give a visual aid for when someone is about to respond in an open conversation.