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Breakout rooms for some attendees

As a mediator, I'd like to use Gotomeeting for long distance mediations. There is one feature you don't have which would be very helpful:  The ability to place select attendees on hold until the Organizer allows a reunion.


That way if there were 5 people in the mediation, I could talk to two of the participants without the other two listening. Then i could alternate and talk to the two that hadn't had the private discussion yet. Confidentiality is a big part of mediation, so putting people on hold would accomplish this easily. So Goto, have you thought about adding this/ Can you tell me when you come up with it/ Thanks.



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Re: Possible to divide the group in subgroups during a meeting with GoToMeeting ?

Hi @Martinjpo

In the future GoToMeeting will likely offer breakout group functionality, but currently it only offered with GoToTraining services:

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Justina Novak
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Re: Need to selectively put various people on hold during conf

I agree a "waiting room" feature would be extremely helpful.  Where the participants would still be connected, but not able to hear the discussion or see webcam or presentation materials.

Our confidentiality needs are a regarding patient records and healthcare provider discussions.

It would be also helpful if in the GTM waiting space  displayed a screen saying something explaining what's going on for instance, You are connected to #### meeting in a waiting room, please be patient the moderator will bring you into the meeting soon.
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Putting attendees in separate areas (rooms) after initial meeting

We have a need to start everyone in a main room and then have the ability to move attendees into separate rooms (at least 2 but possibly up to 6-7 separate rooms) and then bring some attendees from different rooms together or bring the whole group together again.  Does GoToMeeting have this capability?

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Multiple Meeting Rooms for One Call?

Hello everyone,


Does GoToMeeting offer functionality which allows me to start a call with a larger group of people and then have them break off into multiple sub-classrooms for portions of the meeting then return to the larger call?   Can anyone shed light on this?  I have been holding for a live support person for nearly 30 minutes but about to give up.    Thank you.

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Re: Multiple Meeting Rooms for One Call?

Does anyone know how to create sub-meetings within a larger meeting?  I may not be wording this correctly but am looking to take 4-5 people on a call of 25 attendees and have them break out into smaller virtual rooms then rejoin the larger session when finished.  Does GoTo have this functionality?  

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Re: Multiple Meeting Rooms for One Call?

@DAdamsSeattle  The only way to have separated groups within one broadcast is through GoToTraining's Breakout functionality: 

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Re: Putting attendees in separate areas (rooms) after initial meeting

Hi there,

While GoToMeeting does not have the ability to separate groups of attendees, GoToTraining has 'breakout' functionality where you are able to separate for activities: 


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Breakout Rooms


at the moment we have to use online-Meetings much more than before and for formats, that we made on premise before.
For several Workshops I miss the functionality of Breakout Rooms / Sessions, as I have experienced it with "Zoom".

In a Meeting, we want to split the team in several subteams and submeetings for a period of time and join them back together in the big meeting after a while.

This Feature would improve the experience and the comfort with your service very much and would increase the UseCases in that we could use GoToMeeting as a trustfull environment.
What do you think about this?

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Re: Breakout Rooms

Hi @Ortwin  ,

We have Breakouts available with GoToTraining services, but do not currently have plans for GoToMeeting.


GoToTraining Breakouts reference: 

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Create parallel round table/workshop meeting rooms

Yes like in the header - can I enable people outside of my company (I am only 1 person) to open a meeting room and manage/share slides etc?


These are not persons in my company - rather purposly outside people who I have invited based on their knowledge to host round table discussions online for a period of time. I usually run 8-10 parallel workshops/round table discussions each with a dedicated moderator. Now I want to do this via GTM and not have to purchas e a new solution.


I am thinking if I can create meeting rooms that can be open/held in parallel? In Teams anyone can start a meeting - is it the same here that anyone given the link can open that meeting room? I also want them to be able to continue meeting in this room after the first session.