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New Contributor

Can't Enter Email Lists When Sharing Recordings

To Share a recording to only selected people, you must enter their email addresses one by one. I have 24 students in my class and want to share the video recording from each session. However, the application does not allow you to create a multi-person email distribution list or cut and paste a block of email addresses. Instead, I must enter each address, one at a time. This is time consuming and inefficient. Technical support states there is no capability for entering bulk email lists.


1. Has anyone found a way to get around this?


2. Could the application devlopers please add this capability. If not, I will have to use a different application. It is too painful to do this every time I want to share a video with restricted distribution.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can't Enter Email Lists When Sharing Recordings

Hi Bob,

GoToMeeting allows for you to copy the recording link so that you can send them to anyone yourself, post to a web page or other social site to be streamed on demand.  We don't have any plans to add email distro options in GoToMeeting at this time.