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Can't share screen: no thumbnails appear for dual monitor selection

Greetings, I have two computers; one at home the other at my office, both running GTM on Windows 7 with dual monitors. When I attempt to share my screen on my home computer, I’m not shown thumbnails of my two monitors so that I select which of them to share, and the Share button therefore doesn’t work as I’m unable to select a screen. I know how the interface is supposed to look since it works fine on my office computer. I’ve re-installed GTM, but the problem persists. When I choose to share an application, it works as it should by displaying thumbnails of all my open programs. What causes screen sharing to fail to work with multiple monitors? Thanks -Steve

New Contributor

OS:  Windows 10


The monitors are connected to a docking station, which in turn is connected to the computer.


GoToAssist sees the external monitors with no problem.

GoTo Moderator

@Dossier  If there are no video driver updates available from the manufacturer's website, then you may want to call directly into Customer Support to see where the Windows + GoToMeeting event logs overlap around screen sharing problems.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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