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New Contributor

Change organizer

Using Calendly from website for potential clients to set-up a demo. Calendly uses the email  " abc@emailaddress"  to access Gotomeeting.

Which makes "abc@emailaddress" the organizer. However, I need to have any Gotomeeting user to be able to do the demo. When they attempt to login as "xyz@emailaddress" (xyz is set-up as an Admin in Gotomeeting) they keep getting the message they are not the organizer. They must login to Gotmeeting as "abc" user to do the demo.

Can we have any user be the organizer???

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Change organizer

Hi @Tony7 

You can make any Organizer who is a member of your active account a Co-Org, which allows them to start the broadcast themselves: 


You cannot currently allow for any Attendee to start the broadcast --- though this ability is being tested currently.