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Changing Gotomeeting plan, for parallel 2 meetings

I’ve been using the Gotometing  for 7 years and change my tariff plan. In connection with the current situation regarding coronavirus, I sometimes need organize 2 meetings in parallel. Then i get a message "Another meeting is running" (screenshot attached). 

My plan now "GoToMeeting 25" (36.75$ per month)(screenshot attached) and as I understand it, such a plan doesn’t exist now.

I tried to add a new organizer to the plan, the result is 73.5$. Maybe there is a more suitable plan for me ?

I need to spend two meeting sometimes and It would be nice if I could add a responsible person who can organise meetings without me.



Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 15.38.47.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.08.00.png

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