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Co Organizer waiting for organizer to start meeting



I have a user that is having issues when setting meetings as having a co-organizer be able to launch the meeting. User is scheduling meetings on other user shared calendar on outlook. They schedule GTM using the Outlook GTM plugin, add co-organizer, then save, and it will show on the users calendar. When its time to start the meeting, the user looks at their calendar, clicks the link, and it is saying it is waiting for organizer to start the meeting. Again, this user is a co-organizer. Strange thing is that, this doesn't always happen. Maybe every so often it occurs. 

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Re: Co Organizer waiting for organizer to start meeting

Hi @Tyler084, welcome to the community.


I would check the meetings where this happened in the accounts meeting history and confirm that the co-organizer was definitely included. If any of the meetings are held regularly they could be scheduled as personalized meeting rooms and used each time. 



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