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New Contributor

Connection listed as "Virtual" in Diagnostics?

I'm sure this is a very clear solution and I'm just missing it.


I have an attendee reporting regular issues accessing one specific meeting, first thing on Monday mornings. She's reported audio issues, webcam sharing issues, or simple "could not connect" issues.


Checking the diagnostic report for the meeting, I don't see latency or dropped packet issues, but I do see that her connection is listed as "virtual, UDP" where all other attendees are listed as "Wifi, UDP." Could I get clarification on what "virtual" means in this report? Is this a reference to her connection going over VPN? What other options could I expect to see in this field?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Connection listed as "Virtual" in Diagnostics?

Hi @mmeyers1 

That 'Virtual' reference is definitely a different connection type, which could indicate something like a hotspot or similar variation using a different port.  It would be good to know the device in use and how they are connected to the internet.