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New Contributor

Corrupt recording of a GTM session

Can anyone help me figure out if there is a way to get another version of a recording from a GTM session? I wasn't aware that as the account manager I had to change the setting for my GTM license holders to save their recordings to the cloud so they saved locally to their computer. However the file appears to be corrupt. The audio works but the slides are zoomed in and only showing the upper left corner so you can't read them at all. Also, the presenters video camera did not come through. I had the person move the original file to a location that I can access (we are in different locations) and even when I started to convert it I could see that the video looks the same as it does on her conversion. Can Logmein go into the backend system and get a file that isn't corrupt or am I out of luck here?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Corrupt recording of a GTM session

@cricostrategies  It sounds like  you are saving these recording to the local HD?  In this case the webcams would not be included (only with Cloud Recording).  You can re-convert a local recording if there appear to be corruptions, but make sure you make a copy of the original, temporary recording files before deleting the finished recording.  Then replace those originals back into the same folder and GoToMeeting should see them available for conversion once again.