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Creating a meeting via API causes 412 error

Hello, i'm trying to create a meeting using gotomeeting API. I successfuly created an APP, and paired it. After regular request for creating a meeting i'm receiving this error:
    "fault": {
           "faultstring":"Execution of ServiceCallout g2mgcreatemeetingconfservicecallout failed. Reason: ResponseCode 412 is treated as error",

           "detail": {





The body of the request is:

    "subject":"Test Training",








Note that this happens only for some type of gotomeeting accounts. It works for others.

What am i missing?
Thanks in advance. 

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LogMeIn Manager

Re: Creating a meeting via API causes 412 error

Hi @mladen_celtis


We do not provide API support in the community. Please reference the process for requesting help with APIs using this specific template: 


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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