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Johannes Rupper
New Contributor

Determine Langauage for individuall GotoMeetings during Scheduling with effect on invitation Text language

Dear Sirs,

I have already contacted global support 24/7 twice on this problem, which is indeed not solved by the support link in the e-mail (which I have now received from you for the third time).

There is need to select the language individually for a specific meeting during the scheduling procedure. It is not acceptable to run the entire application an change the general language before scheduling a meeting each time a specific meeting needs to be scheduled an planned in a different than the general set language. In addition a second switch back of the general language would be required. This procedure prevents an efficient use of the existing language features of GotoMeeting!

As your application GotoMeeting is aiming at easiness of international communication I urge you to implement a meeting specific language selection in the "schedule a meeting" procedure, which impacts the invitation text language produced during the same procedure.

Please provide us your answer, which will be very relevant for the use of the GotoMeeting software in our institute! I expect this issue finally beeing adressed by an appropriate software update.

Best regards

Johannes Ruppert, ECRA


Luca Dimunno
New Contributor

Can I translate the invitation template that is automatically created?

I've your software installed in Italian and I need to edit Go To Meeting email invitation body text in French. Is it possible to choose text language ? Thank you

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Can i customize (transalte and save) email message that is autolatically created when I post a meeting ?

Hi Luca,

Do you use a Windows PC or a Mac? You can change the language in the GoToMeeting software on a Windows PC by starting a meeting and opening the menu at the top of the control panel.

Now when you schedule a meeting through the desktop software, the language will be French. If you are wanting to send out separate invitations for meetings in both languages, I would save the text from one of the and then reuse it each time as needed by just editing the meeting ID and conference call numbers.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Determine Langauage for individuall GotoMeetings during Scheduling with effect on invitation Tex

I second that request for an easier language selection during the scheduling process. The current implementation is short-sighted and assumes that a user would only work in one language.  Switching the language for the entire user account just to schedule a meeting in a different language cannot be the proposed solution for a product with this price tag. 


Stephan Wald

BASIS Europe

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Determine Langauage for individuall GotoMeetings during Scheduling with effect on invitation ...

Appreciate the feedback and case scenario !


We will try to bump this up as an improvement idea!

Active Contributor

Change language of invitation

Hey Guys,


so we use in our company GoToMeeting as our webconference solution. But now we come to our first issue:

Meeting invitations (created from Outlook) are alsways in the language of the Outlook software. They are not displayed in the language of the Desktop-App neither in the language you set for your account on

In the past it was possible to change the language of the Desktop app and then the Outlook Add-In was able to create it in English also when you have German Outlook. But since some time this is not possible anymore.


In our case as a German company we have many international customers. So we need an English invitation. And in my opinion there should be another solution then changing his Outlook client to English.


Is there maybe a registry key or something that can be changed to get this result?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

@Fl0rian  Sorry, what OS are you scheduling these GoToMeeting sessions with?

Active Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

All Windows 10 64 Bit Clients.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

@Fl0rian  OK -- GlennD has posted a workaround for what you're asking about (I've merged yours into the existing thread).  Right now this is still being looked at as a future enhancement of GoToMeeting:  Choose Language Of Invitation Template

Active Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

This is the old and in my opinion not very practical way. In the past there seems to existed the way to edit the Windows Registry to change this what seems not to work anymore.

Also the mentioned wqay above is the one that is not working anymore.


So as the contributor before I am also very suprised that this function is still not impleneted and this thread is from 2017.

Maybe to mention: The solution you provide here is also only a work around to avoid the problem. It should really be considered to enable this. In my opinion a online meeting software should have this function and in our company it is the case that we decide by this functions if we will use a solutuion further or not.