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Disabling calling into a meeting unless the host has started it?

While I enjoy the functionality of GoToMeeting, by far the worst feature is that there is a disconnect between the application's meeting and the calling feature. I and my colleagues often will click the link to join a meeting, and the meeting will be "waiting for host to start" with no sound or ability to participate. Meanwhile, the whole meeting happens via phone call. So, I'm left in a lurch waiting for it to start on my computer but it's already happening via phone.


I prefer to use my computer, so I generally join on my PC and hope that the host starts the meeting, but I'm looking for a way to solve this problem by either: 


A. Disabling the ability for the phone function to work unless the host has started the meeting via the computer application




B. Requiring the Host to start the meeting via phone when they call in. 


What have you done for your companies to solve this problem?

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Re: Disabling calling into a meeting unless the host has started it?

@GuardianLegal  I appreciate your input.


We plan to release the ability for Attendees to start meetings by themselves in the near future. 


Have you considered suggesting the GoToMeeting Organizer at least launch the mobile app to get the session started?

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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