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Double cursor makes Remote Control feature not usable

Double cursor makes Remote Control feature not suitable for usability testing software.  See attached gif.Remote Control Double Cursor.GIF


My team of ux researchers has tried to use gotomeeting to record usability testing sessions, but the participants find the "double cursor" too distracting.  It appears to the remote user that there is a lag or delay when they click and move their mouse, and that impacts the results of the usability testing.  The "double cursor" appears only for the user for which Remote Control has been given.  The user that provided the Remote Control does not see a "double cursor" when the other user does experience the "double cursor". 


I saw a post explaining that internet speed could cause the "double cursor", but that is definitely not the case in this situation.


When I talked to Support, they said the "double cursor" is a feature that allows a user to see the cursor of both users.  It would be great if there were a preference to turn that off/on.  

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Re: Double cursor makes Remote Control feature not usable

@stephaniedavis  Thank you for this feedback.  Can you also explain which operating systems were in use by the presenter and attendee in control of their mouse? 

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