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Enabling external individuals to host paralell meetings in GTM

The announcement from GTM came as a gift - being able to ad more organizers/meeting hosts. I need your help.


We are considering moving a physical conference online. During this conference we have 8 paralell round table discussions that I need to move online. The moderators sit in different locations and at different companies.


How can I enable each person to host these meetings in paralell? I need them to be able to start the meetings, share screens, manage attendees, possibly record and continue meeting afterwards.


How do I do this? Can I create these grooups (people have signed up for different sessions) and simply share a link with each moderator via which THEY can start the meeting (I will not be able to join since they are 8 paralell)?


Thank you

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Re: Enabling external individuals to host paralell meetings in GTM

Hi there,

In order to host simultaneous sessions (in your case, 8), you will need a mutli-organizer account with each login having a unique email address.


Once you have the account set up completely with a password for each login, you could schedule the meetings themselves, and then instruct your moderators to log in with those credentials in order to locate the scheduled event and host it themselves.


They can each record to the cloud, where you may then download or share each recording as needed.


* It is possible to schedule a meetings from just one account for Co-Organizers to start, but it will be less confusing for each host if you schedule them individually under each separate login.


** The full ability for Attendees to start the meeting without an Organizer is currently finishing testing and in the process of rollout to customers soon.