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GoTo Meeting - Start My Meeting - cannot start since it believes I am not the Organizer

I have had a GoTo meeting account for the past year.  Recently, (within the last month)  the account was renewed.  I had two meetings saved in "My Meetings".  One disappeared.   The other remained, and I use that one for a weekly meeting.   I went to my meetings and started the weekly meeting.  The GoTo Opener started but I could not start or join the meeting - It said I was not the organizer but I was!      With many people waiting on me, I created a new "Meeting Room" in order to keep the meeting alive and broadcast out the new meeting ID.   We salvaged part of today.


So - was my old meeting a "One-Time Meeting"that I used to be able to repeat?   Is the meeting ID of my old meeting lost forever?  At this point it doesn't matter - I am reworking my calendar invitations.   Are meetings not reuseable, while meeting rooms are?   


Was there something else I could have done to get my recurring meeting to start for everyone?

GoTo Manager

Re: GoTo Meeting - Start My Meeting - cannot start since it believes I am not the Organizer

Hi @cosc

Typically we will allow for specific meetings to be re-started some time after the scheduled event, but recurring GoToMeetings should never disappear.  Were you describing your personalized meeting room perhaps?  (this is managed through your online account)


Have you tried a full re-installl of the GoToMeeting software on the problem PC? 

Do you have any local security software that may be blocking part of the credential verification attempts? 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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