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GoToMeeting Desktop App Language Problem

I have a user reporting an unusual issue with the GoToMeeting desktop app.  The desktop app login displays in Chinese.  The Windows 10 language settings are all set to English.  No other applications are experiencing the issue.  The Start menu lists all apps in English, no non-English characters are present.  With the issue occurring pre-login, the issue would not appear to be GoToMeeting account specific.  Any suggestions?


GoTo Manager

Re: GoToMeeting Desktop App Language Problem

@HD3 ::  If this user is sharing the same login as yourself, or has tested from another PC without issue, then it may be worth testing a different user profile on the affected computer to see if there's a setting they are unaware of within the current profile. Otherwise, we can look closer at the Windows settings there...

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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