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New Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Hand Raise Feature Request

With the overnight essential need for web conferencing software both the business world as well as in education, it is apparent there are a few tools that should be made standard.  One of those tools is some method to raise hands in a meeting. I have been a GoToMeeting user for a number of years (having several different accounts over those years) and have always been pleased by the stability of the produce and service provided.  I have also been pleased by the added features over time.  I have used the product both for meetings (business use) as well and instructional (classroom use).  In both environments, the ability to maintain orderly interaction rests both on the presenter being able to moderate the online environment and the participants being able to understand the norms of a meeting or class discussion/presentation.  Having the option to Raise a Hand virtually is one of those essential tools for any web video conferencing platform today. 


In addition to a Raise Hand feature, there is another features I believe would truly make GoToMeeting stand out from the rest.  Provide an organizer with the ability to keep folks in a Holding Room until allowed in.  I know you can lock a meeting, but there is no method to select individuals waiting to get into the meeting vs. those you don't want in yet.  As an example - a group is conducting interviews using GoToMeeting.  The interview team needs to spend a few minutes chatting before a meeting starts you have a member of the interview team a few minutes late.  You lock the meeting so the candidate does not enter, but you have also locked the late team member out.  When you unlock, you cannot just allow the team member in - the entire meeting becomes unlocked for the team member and candidate.