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GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin - Loginscreen disappears

Hello, we are actualy testing GoToMeeting and have a problem with the Outlook Plugin.

The Login Screen disappears immediately.

When i use the GoTo Meeting App all works fine. I can Login an plan or start a meeting.

When i install the plugin on my private laptop, all is fine and i can login.

The Problem is on all 3 Pcs i tested in my domain network, so i think its a central problem like like a GPO or a firewall.

Where can i look to findout whats the problem?

Thanks for help.

GoTo Manager

Re: GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin - Loginscreen disappears

Hi @CP-Pharma 

Do you use a proxy of some sort at your workplace?  Ref : 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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