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GoToMeeting: Recording feature is not functioning.

I'm using GoToMeeting Professional.
Not so long ago I stumbled upon a problem: everytime I try to record something, it won't process and save it. Not on Cloud, nor on local storage.
It does show that it's active in the meeting though.
There's no tab for Recording Preferences or Cloud Recording in Settings as well. I tried digging through Admin panel, enabled recording feature there, but it's a group policy panel, so it didn't change a thing.

Pardon, if the question has already been answered, couldn't find any suitable solution.

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting: Recording feature is not functioning.

@fhoops_nsentra  Have you ever been able to record before?


If not, what operating system are you currently using?  


Have you ever had a GoToMeeting 'Free' plan in the past, as well as the currently subscribed to 'Professional'?

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