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New Contributor

GoToMeeting fails to dial from IOS app

This behavior changed for me a couple months ago.  The GoToMeeting app offers a "Switch to Phone Call" option. When I select it, the phone pops up the same prompt as when you are on a web site with a phone number you want to dial (dialing from a web site still works on my phone).  After I initiate the switch to "phone call mode", audio from the internet connection turns off and the phone never dials the number.  I then experience no audio for 30-60 seconds before it shows a prompt which asks whether to retry.  If I cancel, then I select the "internet mode" to re-esatablish internet-based audio.


A few months ago attendees from my company conference calls noticed that some callers were not listed at all as attendees (invisible "ghost" callers).  I was told someone changed the company-wide configuration to prevent that so maybe that broke the ability to use GoToMeeting to initiate a dial in session.


However, if I simply dial the number outside of the app it works fine.  This is a less desirable situation because you need a copy of the meeting id to type in and you don't get an audio pin which (I assume) identifies who you are to other participants.